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About the SnapShotz Photo Booths

What is the SnapShotz Photo Booth?

The SnapShotz photo booth is a unique, attractive and professionally built digital photobooth that is portable, lightweight and elegant. Our booths are built of high quality aluminum and feature hand-made and attractive suede curtains.

Our photo booths come standard with digital cameras and professional grade dye-sublimation printers that guarantee the highest quality and most stunning pictures possible. All of our photo booths feature dual monitors to support live slide show functionality.

Simply put – SnapShotz offers “Photobooths that Rock.”

How does the SnapShotz Photobooth Work?

Step in, close the curtain, press the glowing blue “Go” button and “strike-a-pose!”

Just like the “old-school” traditional photo booths, each of our digital photo booths have a built-in monitor that mirrors the live image inside so that you can see yourself in real-time as the photos are being snapped. The photo booth will take up to 4 “SnapShotz” in set intervals and the photos strips (or postcard style prints) are printed out within seconds.

Step out and grab your “SnapShotz” photo strips waiting on the side of the photo booth.

What are the dimensions of the photo booth?

The SnapShotz photo booth, when assembled, is 3 feet wide by 6 feet tall and 6 feet deep. Our booth is not a big tent with curtains, it is definitely the most aesthetically designed and most practical. Since our booths are not overly large, they can be setup virtually anywhere and will complement your event.

Why choose a digital SnapShotz photobooth?

Whether to use a traditional or vintage photo booth at your event or a digitial photo booth is really no contest. The SnapShotz digital photo booths provide far more options and versatility than the traditional photo booths can offer without sacrificing the nostalgic feel and charm.

The traditional or “old school” photo booths use a chemical photo process that requires more time to print. These vintage photo booths also do not readily duplicate photos or print anything but black & white.

SnapShotz photo booths use the highest quality digital cameras and professional grade dye-sublimation printing technology that provide a photo quality which is stunning, vibrant, instantly dry and durable. Our booths print the photo strips within ten seconds and are also capable of color or black & white. Using a SnapShotz photo booth also provides features such as custom logo printing on your photo strips, an online photo gallery, and easy reprinting.

What sets SnapShotz apart from the rest?

Our custom designed digital photo booths are more elegant than any booth on the market. We also offer more customizations than any other company such as back-lit photos, multiple curtain colors and even the ability to completely graphic wrap the booth in your own graphics or company logos.

How long does it take to print my photos?

Our professional grade printers will print your photos in roughly 10 seconds. Our photo booths print laboratory grade photos on high quality glossy paper that is instantly dry. The prints are also very resistant to fading and last longer than any ink jet printed photos.

Does the photo booth print traditional photo strips?

Yes. Our photo booths can print traditional photo strips as well as the popular postcard style prints.

Can we choose Color and/or Black & White?

Your photos can be printed in either color or black & white. We will ask you prior to your event which option you would prefer. Though some companies claim that the ability to print ‘either-or’ is an advantage, we have found that this slows down the line (more options can lead to more confusion for some guests) and many brides have expressed that they prefer their scrapbooks to have cohesiveness and uniformity by not mixing color and black & white photos together.

How does the slide show work?

Our photo booths feature 22″ HD resolution external monitors that show a live slide show during your event. As guests continue to use the photo booth, the slideshow images will be displayed live on the external monitor. The slide show is another excellent way to entertain your guests!

About SnapShotz Services

What types of events does SnapShotz handle?

SnapShotz rents photo booths to all types of events including: bar/bat mitzvahs, birthdays, charities, class reunions, corporate events, expos, fraternity/sorority parties, fundraisers, High School dances, Quinceaneras, Weddings and more.

What comes with the service?

All of our packages come with free setup/removal, free delivery within 50 miles of any of our branch locations, professional on-site attendant, unlimited photos, backup DVD of digital copies and web gallery.

Will someone be on-site to run our event?

Unlike some companies that drop off their photo booth and leave, a representative from SnapShotz will be on-site to assist your guests and to ensure that everythig runs smoothly.

Do we get digital copies of our photos?

Absolutely. We provide a backup DVD of every photo in full resolution at no charge.

Is there an online photo gallery?

Yes. You event will be uploaded to a secure server with dual password protection. Your guests can browse the gallery and also purchase copies, t-shirts, mouse pads, etc.

About SnapShotz Packages

Do you offer Props / Prop Boxes?

Unless included in the package, SnapShotz offers props for a nominal fee. Our prop boxes include silly and seasonal hats, feathered boas, masks, and sunglasses.

Do you provide Guest books or Scrapbooks?

SnapShotz offers a nice selection of leather and scrapbooks and we will provide extra album pages, markers, adhesive, and themed stickers (on request). We do ask that you or your coordinator provide us with a small (3 or 4 foot) table for us to place your guest book on! Our on-site attendant will assist your guests through out the event with the scrap booking as well.

Can we get double prints?

Yes. The dual photo strip option provides an automatic mirror copy. If you opt for the postcard style prints, double printing is available as an option for a nominal fee (unless included in your package. Check the Pricing page for more details.

Do we get to personalize our print layouts?

Absolutely. Unlike other companies that can only offer captions and dates, our professional in-house graphic designers can create completely custom designs or match your event theme and invitations. We can also perfectly match your company branding and marketing for corporate events!

Do you offer different backdrops?

SnapShotz offers several curtain colors to help match your event. We currently offer black, burgundy, navy and white curtain colors.

About SnapShotz Booking Process

How far in advance do we need to book?

We often receive bookings 6+ months in advance. Though we do receive last minute bookings within two weeks or less from the event date, these rush bookings may result in the need for a full up-front payment (since the time frame may fall beyond the 10 business day payment requirements) and also result in rushing the graphic design process. We make every effort to minimize the stress of the planning process, so we always recommend booking sooner than later.

How much is the deposit?

We require a $350.00 deposit to secure your reservation.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We take Visa, M/C, Discover, personal checks and cash.

Is the deposit refundable?

Due to the processing costs related to securing the date for you, unfortunately all deposits are non-refundable.

When is my final payment due?

Final payments are due (10) business days prior to the event date.

What happens if my event date changes?

We ask that you notify us immediately and we will make every effort to accommodate your new event schedule and secure your new date.

What happens if my wedding is canceled?

Though we can not refund your deposit, we may offer our clients the ability to carry over the deposit for the duration of the fiscal year to be used later for another event such as a holiday party or birthday.

Does SnapShotz carry Vendor Liability Insurance?

We carry a $1,000,000 policy and can provide proof of insurance to your venue.

The Right Company

Our "Top 5 Tips" for choosing the 'Right' Photo Booth company for you:

Reputation - Who are they? 
Photo Quality - Will the photos last? 
The Booth - Will everyone love it? 
Customizations - Are there options? 
Price - The Bottom Line? 

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The SnapShotz support team have proven track records of excellent customer service from several different industries and bring the highest level of professionalism to every event.

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