hoto booths continue to make headlines on the web and in the news!

In his article “Fun And Freedom In The Photo Booth,” CBS News’ Bill Whitaker wrote:

“Those cheesy, old photo booths from everybody’s past, you know, the ones from strip malls and bus stations? Those old things are making a comeback. Suddenly they’re trendy, they’re hot…They’re popping up everywhere else from L.A. hot spots so cool they don’t need a name outside, to dark New York bars to Hollywood’s new retro bowling alley.  Just guess where this hot trend caught fire? Hollywood, of course” said Whitaker. – Read Full Article

Los Angeles SnapShotz Photo Booth Rentals

SnapShotz Photobooth Rentals

SnapShotz Photobooth Rentals, based in Los Angeles County (and expanding into the Chicago and New York areas soon), knows first hand why Photo Booth Rentals are becoming the hot new trend for Weddings, Birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceanaras, and Corproate parties.

The instant excitement, spontaneity and enjoyment of the Photo Booth experience is universally appreciated around the world. Stepping into a photobooth tranforms people of all ages – into rock stars and celebrities for the moment. Even camera shy people love using our photo booths!

Rent a photobooth for your next event in Los Angeles and Southern California!
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