Photo booths are quickly becoming the hot new item to have at weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, quinceanaras, proms and high school dances, and countless other memorable celebrations.

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With so many companies emerging to capitalize on this new industry and huge demand, and photobooth options ranging from the fly-by-night and cheaply made suitcase vendors, the quick-setup tent systems, the old-school wooden box photo booth-on-wheels, to the elaborate mobile entertainment systems, it can be increasingly difficult for a consumer to choose the best option for their wedding or special event.

So what really is a photo booth? How can consumers ensure they are getting what they pay for?

History of the Photo Booth

“The patent for the first automated photography machine was filed in 1889 by Mathew Stiffens and during the same year Monsieur Enjalbert demonstrated a similar machine in Exposition Universelle in Paris, France, though these machines were not reliable enough to be self-sufficient.

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The modern concept of photo booth with a curtain, screen or other material covering the background and entrance originated with Anatol Josepho in 1925 with the first photo booth appearing on Broadway in New York City. The world’s largest photo booth operator and manufacturer is the UK based Photo-Me, International, based in Bookham, Surrey, who operate world wide. Their main UK competitor is Consolidated Vending (under the brand name Snap Digital Imaging) with some 500 photo booths in the UK.

After money has been inserted in the machine, as many as ten customers can enter the booth and pose for up to ten exposures. Some common options include the ability to alter lighting and back drops while the newest versions offer features such as fans and bluescreen effects. Some establishments even offer costumes and wigs for customers to borrow.

Once the pictures have been taken, the customers select the pictures that they wish to keep and customize them using a touch screen or pen-sensitive screen. The touch screen then displays a vast array of options such as virtual stamps, pictures, clip art, colourful backdrops, borders, and pens that can be superimposed on the photographs.

Finally, the number and size of the pictures to be printed is chosen, and the pictures print out on a glossy full-color 10 X 15 cm sheet to be cut up and divided among the group of customers. Some photo booths also allow the pictures to be sent to customers’ mobile phones.

Photo sticker booths are particularly popular among young people as an inexpensive form of recreation. The pictures can be kept as souvenirs or traded with friends.” –

SnapShotz Photobooths – a unique and Modern alternative

The choice to use a traditional or vintage photobooth at your event or use a digitial photo booth is really no contest. The SnapShotz digital photobooths provide far more options and versatility than the traditional photo booths can offer without sacrificing the nostalgic feel and charm.

The traditional or “old school” photobooths use a chemical photo process that requires more time to print. These vintage photo booths also do not readily duplicate photos or print anything but black & white.

SnapShotz photobooths use the highest quality digital cameras and professional grade dye-sublimation printing technology that provide a photo quality which is stunning, vibrant, instantly dry and durable. Our booths print the photostrips within ten seconds and are also capable of color, black & white and sepia printing, which traditional photo booths can not offer. Using a SnapShotz photobooth also provides features such as personalized interface screens, custom logo printing on your photostrips, an online photo gallery, and easy reprinting.

The SnapShotz Difference

SnapShotz understands how special and important your celebration and event is and we take pride in exceeding your expectations. We are proud of our product and even more proud of our customer service ability. With several years of combined customer service experience in a multiple of industries including the wedding event industry, photo slideshow production and graphics design, our talented and professional staff is well equipped to handle any type of event.

The SnapShotz photobooth is a unique, attractive and professionally built digital photobooth that will truly be the hit of your celebration. Our photo booths come standard with the highest quality digital cameras and professional grade dye-sublimation printers that guarantee the highest quality and most stunning pictures possible. Simply put – SnapShotz offers “Photobooths that Rock.™”

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